Novation Supercharges UltraNova's Vocoder

Wed, 2013-07-24 17:20

UltraNova, Novation's flagship hardware synthesizer, has had its vocoder overhauled. The improvement comes in the form of a simple to install firmware update – a free upgrade for all UltraNova owners.

 Included in the upgrade are these key features:

  • Separation and Spread controls for manipulating bands
  • Formant Freeze
  • Adjustable band resonance and decay time
  • Maximum bandwidth operation

UltraNova Vocoder Update

A single installer includes the latest versions of the UltraNova editor, library software, and system firmware, and can be downloaded here.

In addition, 17 brand new vocoder patches showing off the vastly improved sound and performance potential of the upgrade have been added to the ever expanding library of free UltraNova sound packs: Download them here.


Click here for more information, plus sound and video examples of UltraNova in action.


UltraNova is a Nova Series analogue‐modelling synth. Taking the legendary Supernova II synth engine as a starting point, it’s packed with the latest technology - including up to 18 voice polyphony, wavetable synthesis, massively powerful filters, and a revolutionary new touch‐sense performance mode – plus editing and library software for patch creation and management.