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Launchpad app

The Launchpad app is a totally self-contained iPad app that hosts loops which can be triggered by an 8x8 grid of virtual 'launch pads'. The app can be flipped between different modes that give you access to faders and buttons, which can be used to alter volumes and trigger filter and stutter effects.

Launchkey app

The Launchkey app is a synth with a touch-screen interface for creating and morphing sound in multiple ways at the same time. Unlike a conventional synth you can 'grab' many sound-shaping parameters at once and move them around in a single action to make dramatic or subtle changes to the sound.

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Playing the Launchpad and Launchkey apps together

The Launchkey arpeggiator can be synchronised with beats and loops in the Launchpad app. This allows exciting melodic and rhythmic patterns to be played perfectly in time with your Launchpad session. From soaring arpeggiator leads to powerful bass lines, you'll be inspired to new levels of creativity! All this can be controlled directly from your Launchkey keyboard. Simply check the required sync (beat or bar) in the Launchkey settings under the Launchpad menu, open a session in Launchpad, and start the Launchkey arpeggiator. The tempo will lock to the Launchpad session tempo, and the arpeggiator will start exactly in time with the next beat or bar.