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At Novation, we’re all about the people behind the music. We like to delve into the collectives that nurture new talents and breakthrough styles, and share what we find with our community.

That’s why we went to Russia to meet Pixelord, a leader of Moscow’s vibrant electronic music scene. He’s a producer, visual artist and label boss. An icon. He crosses genres and breaks popular conventions, taking musical inspiration from footwork to house and mashing it together with retro computer graphics, Web 1.0 aesthetics and emoji styles. He talks in GIFs. As his moniker suggests, he’s the boss at the end of the level; the 8-bit pixellated nerd king who everyone aspires to beat.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Pixelord.

Who doesn't like free stuff?

Pixelord was kind enough to give us a modest 91.3 MB of samples, which you can download here, drop into Ableton - or your DAW of choice - and do with as you please.

Loop them, warp them, chop them up; they're all yours. You could even share your #Pixelord creations with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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