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Here you can download all our free soundpacks for UltraNova, MiniNova and Bass Station II. Before you do, please watch these installation videos to make sure you don't accidentally mess anything up. If you use Bass Station II, for example, you'll need to download and install your patch librarian first.

Installation Videos

Here's a quick explanation on how to install a Sound pack on your UltraNova and MiniNova

Here's a quick explanation on how to install a Soundpack on your Bass Station II

Bass Station II Soundpacks

Producer Series Vol.I

A collection of unique analogue sound patches created by world class synth producers from our eclectic artist and producer community. Whether you’re creating dance, funk, electronica, indie, pop or something totally experimental, these 46 Patches will add true analogue depth to your music.

UltraNova and MiniNova Soundpacks


An amazing pack of iconic synth sounds from tracks released from 1992 onward. Includes classic house, dubstep, drum and bass, breaks, trance, R&B, UK garage and loads more.

Supernova Soundpack Vol.1

Novation Supernova and Supernova II are legendary. In the era of the big synth, they were the biggest. This soundpack will transform your UltraNova or MiniNova into one of the synths that defined electronic and dance music.

Supernova Soundpack Vol.2

64 new patches from the original SuperNova sound designer, Phill Macdonald, to transform your UltraNova or MiniNova into a Supernova: the original Novation virtual analogue monster.

Daniel Fisher Vol. 1

A collection famous synth patches from the '60s and '70s, along with new sonic creations for the 21st Century. Made by Daniel Fisher, one of the most sought-after sound designers in the industry.

Daniel Fisher Vol. 2

Part two of our collection of famous synth patches from the '60s and '70s, plus some brand new sounds from Daniel Fisher, who has worked with some of the most famous names in the business.

Turns My Ideas to Gold!

An incredible collection of patches, created by multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Dino Soldo, who tours with Leonard Cohen and has worked with musical greats including Ray Charles, Beyoncé and Lionel Richie.

Kind of Dirty Dutch.

Part producer, part remixer, part DJ, Chuckie knows what makes a great track. With the help of Fabian Lenssen and Silvio Ecomo, two of Holland's A-list house producers, he's produced this exclusive soundpack for UltraNova.