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DJ AL3 Novation DicerDJ AL3 has been the official DJ of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for three years now, but has been rocking the wheels of steel for over two decades. We caught up with AL3 in his down time to talk about Dicer and how he incorporates them into his DJ setup.

"My Dicers allow me to have full control of the tracks I'm dropping in my mix without having to be focused on my laptop. This is especially true when I have my laptop set off to my far right, which lets me better connect with my audience. My Dicers also give me different performance options and effects to enhance my live blends and remixes." 


AL3 describes himself as a traditional turntablist, "I prefer to keep my set up basic and clean, but the Dicers layout definitely made it easy to learn and implement them. They have helped me develop some new tricks to use when I'm rockin' the mix. I was attracted to them because of the straightforward design that's easy to use and reliable when I'm touring."

The Dicers have allowed AL3 to stay true to his Turntablist roots but, as he says, "I'm still implementing technology to elevate my mixes and performances. Novation equals Innovative, Reliable & Sleek."

You can peep some of DJ AL3's mixes at here.