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5 Years of Launchpad

Happy 5th Birthday Launchpad!

Over the last 10 days, we've been inviting you to share your favourite Launchpad content with us on Facebook and Twitter in one of 5 categories. The submissions have come in thick and fast, with popular favourites and until-now unknowns alike overflowing from the #LP5 hashtag - a huge thank you to everyone that contributed!

The voting is now closed, and the winners have been decided. Click on the categories below to see the winners!

The winner of each category will receive 1 of 5 very special limited edition Launchpads, being made specifically for Launchpad's 5th birthday. Keep an eye on our Social Media to see them when they're done...

We've also randomly selected our winner for the Launchpad S Control Pack; we're in touch over email.

To everyone who took part in our celebration, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you. It's been a wonderful 5 years of Launchpad, and we look forward to the many more to come.

All the best,

The Novation Team

Best Youtube Launchpad Performance

There are so many things that make the Launchpad shine in a performance setting. The flashing lights, the tactile hands-on nature of its use, the functionality on offer and the way it streamlines performing live -- it's a wonder to use and watch.

This category celebrates the performances that render you breathless. Which video leaves you the most in awe?

Winner: M4SONIC - Weapon!

One of the most viewed Launchpad videos on YouTube, M4SONIC's 'Weapon' is responsible for bringing the word of Launchpad to millions of people. The title of 'Best YouTube Launchpad Performance' suits it wonderfully, don't you think?

Best Launchpad Light-show

Launchpad light-shows have taken YouTube by storm. With tens of thousands of light-show videos online, and hundreds more uploaded every week, nobody could have guessed how huge light-shows would become.

This category celebrates the best of those videos. From established artists to unknowns, we want to see which musically synchronised LED programming you loved the most.

Winner: SoNevable - Nev Plays with Himself: Zed - Spectrum (Ft. KDrew Remix)!

He really does make some of the greatest Light-shows on the internet. 'Spectrum' was the most submitted video in the whole #LP5 Celebration - and we understand why.

Most Innovative Launchpad Video

Amongst the swarms of Launchpad videos on the web, it can be very difficult for unique and special videos to get the attention they deserve.

This category celebrates the videos that push the envelope and do something brave. Share with us the most innovative Launchpad videos of the last 5 years.

Winner: Jack Conte - Pedals!

There's a genuine robot spider playing a Launchpad. What more do you want?

Best Tech with Launchpad

Launchpad is not just a music performance device. To a developer, it's also a blank canvas of programmable LEDs capable of far more than only triggering samples.

This category celebrates the alternative uses of Launchpad that have most impressed you over the last 5 years. Launchpad Tetris, animating Launchpad Christmas trees, huge Launchpad installations rendering Instagram pictures -- there really are some weird and wacky Launchpad applications out there! What's your favourite?

Winner: ZedEppelin's Launchpad Guitar!

We were very lucky to be kept to date by ZedEppelin on the progress of his little project via Facebook. We're absolutely thrilled it's turned out so brilliantly!

Best Live Launchpad Performance

A well sequenced track can be impressive, but nothing quite blows the mind like one put together right before your very eyes.

This category celebrates the performances that make Launchpad truly shine as a live performance device, further solidifying its status as the iconic grid controller. In your opinion, which live performance is the cream of the crop?

Winner: Halux - Live Improvisation on Launchpad S!

A great launchpad performer and an all-round solid chap, we're thrilled to see Halux take the title in this category!

Posted 3 years 7 months ago

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