Circuit Mono Station Super Sequence Event |

Circuit Mono Station Super Sequence Event

Perfect Circuit recently hosted a Circuit Mono Station masterclass in their Burbank showroom

Our very own Enrique Martinez, our Novation Technology Evangelist (or, just better known as the Synth Guy for the US), took an audience through what Circuit Mono Station is, what it can do and creative ways of using it, including using the new 1.2 update, as well as answering questions about all things Mono Station.

Enrique demonstrated live how Circuit Mono Station is used as a (super) sequencer, alongside Circuit, and how Mono Station’s two separate sequencers allow you to sequence the second oscillator independently from the first, whilst still sharing the same signal path.

The video also shows the adaptable modulation system of Mono Station, different distortion modes and talks through the different ways to connect to other gear, both hardware and software.

Check out the video here:

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