MoroderNova Competition 2016 |

MoroderNova Competition 2016

Remember MoroderNova? The special edition Nova synth we released last year to celebrate Giorgio Moroder’s incredible five decade career?

Perhaps not surprisingly, it sold out faster than you could say ‘Nova-engine polysynth’, much to the dismay of many a Moroder fan the world over.

If you were looking for one, all hope is not lost.

We've found the two remaining MoroderNova synths – sealed, finger gunk free, and ready to roll – stuffed down the back of the sofa with the T.V. Remote and £1.76 in change; and we’re giving them away.

If you own any Novation synth, including Circuit, and you can answer a simple question, you can win one of them.

Child’s play.

You have until the 31st May.

Watch the video and fill in the form below

Sorry, the MoroderNova competition ended on 31 May 2016. To be the first to know about future offers join our mailing list by entering your email address below.

Posted 2 years 4 months ago

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