The Evolution Of Circuit |

The Evolution Of Circuit

Since its launch over a year ago, Novation’s commitment to updating Circuit has brought transformative new features to the product. From Sample Import and Sample Flip to the Components suite of browser-based utilities, Circuit’s capabilities have gone from strength to strength, making it an even more powerful addition to any live or studio performance system.

We are celebrating our favourite milestones in a campaign called ’The Evolution of Circuit’, which is a series of illustrations created in collaboration with London design house Studio Murugiah. Twelve key memories from Circuit’s life have been immortalised in illustrated form, from the birth of Circuit and the Start Something campaign, to Mike Will’s leaked Instagram post, to the time KiNK and CALC jammed with Circuit in an apartment in Amsterdam.

These will all be revealed one by one over the next 12 days, so make sure you keep checking back and share your favorites.

Check them out here:

Posted 1 year 10 months ago

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