The World's Biggest Launchpad Setup |

The World's Biggest Launchpad Setup

We created a monster. 64 Launchpad Pros, 4,096 individual pads… or, $20,000 dollars of Launchpad.

The Novation nerds got really busy pre-NAMM this year and built one of (if not the) most impressive Launchpad setups the world has ever seen (we don’t actually know that for definite, but we’re claiming it).

Created for our NAMM 2018 event stand, Launchpad XL is a completely interactive, fully functioning, 8ft x 8ft wall of Launchpad, controlled by one master Launchpad MKII. The goal was to create a totally unique user experience that allowed visitors to play our Launchpad Arcade app on the most epic of scales.

Where a regular Launchpad has 64 individual pads, with Launchpad XL each single pad of the master controls one whole Launchpad Pro on the wall. Powered using our in-browser app Launchpad Arcade visitors to our stand could control XL via an individual unit on the wall itself or from the master Launchpad.

In the future, in case you missed it at NAMM, we’re going to take it to more shows and events. Look out for it popping up at events over the summer - you won’t need to look too hard.

For a video of the build, check out:

Posted 6 months 2 days ago

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