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Powerful synth sound with a deep history

Synth Design with Heritage

Chris Huggett is one of the world’s classic synth designers and was an integral part of famous analogue projects like OSCar and WASP.

Now our Design Consultant, Chris’ vast experience and passion for synth remains at the heart of all Novation synthesisers.

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All Novation synthesisers can be updated and transformed for free with our downloadable sound packs!

We release new sound packs regularly, so check back often to keep your synth sounding fresh.

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Our Synths

Bass Station II

A pure analogue monosynth designed for bass then reworked to kick out a much bigger sound.

Harness two oscillators and a sub-oscillator, select between two exceptional-quality analogue filters and get creative using a step sequencer, pattern-based arpeggiator and powerful modulation section.

Bass Station II comes with 64 incredible preset sounds, but has space for 64 more and lets you archive and swap sounds whenever you like.


All the power of UltraNova in a simple and compact mini-keys synth.

Search for sounds as you perform, add five effects to 18 voices and use straightforward controls to delicately tweak or totally warp any sound in an instant.

MiniNova has 256 killer sounds onboard, but you can add 128 more and even use VocalTune™ to make your own voice into an instrument.


A Nova series analogue-modelling synthesiser based on the legendary Supernova II.

The advanced new synth engine in Ultranova is inspired by a classic, then enhanced by wavetable synthesis, even more powerful filters and an optimised effects engine that lets you put five epic effects on every sound.

Create while you perform more easily than ever before, using revolutionary new touch-sensitive controls and a built-in audio interface that lets you browse, tweak and save your sounds on the spot.