Launchkey - Ultimate Controller for any DAW |

The ultimate controller keyboard for any DAW

With Launchkey hooked up to your Mac or PC DAW, music production becomes a truly hands-on experience.

Launchkey's premium quality synth-action keyboard makes playing virtual instruments a dream, while the rock-solid sliders, rotaries and buttons enable tactile control of your DAW's mixer, automatically configured via InControl.

With Launchkey in your setup, you'll spend less time shoving a mouse around and more making music.

Keys to success

The same as those used in Novation's acclaimed synthesisers, Launchkey’s keys feel great to play. Fast-moving and responsive, with synth action, they feature four preset velocity curves to suit all playing styles, from the heaviest to the lightest. And with three board lengths available – 25-, 49- and 61-key – there's a Launchkey for every producer.

The knobs, sliders and buttons are equally well made; and with its tough casing and 16 super-bright backlit RGB pads, Launchkey is every bit as at home on stage as it is in the studio.

Plug & Play

Getting Launchkey up and running with your DAW with InControl could hardly be easier: just plug it into a USB port and select 'Mackie HUI' in your DAW’s MIDI controller preferences – job done!

The sliders control the volume faders in your mixer, while the rotaries above them govern pan positions, and the buttons below operate solos and mutes. The assigned mixer channels can be shifted left and right one at a time or in a bank of eight, and the transport buttons make playback control immediate and intuitive.

InControl makes mixing with Launchkey effortless, but when you want to use the sliders and rotaries to control plugin instrument and effect parameters, simply switch to Basic Mapping Mode to have them output a fixed array of MIDI CCs. That'll be the best of both worlds, then.