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Downloads for Bass Station II


Bass Station II Librarian software & Firmware Update (includes Artist Producer Soundpack)
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Please note that the Mac version of the Librarian is supported for use on OS 10.8 or newer.


This Installation will update the Bass Station II Firmware to version 540. Fixes Include:

- Implemented new patch format (version 2) with support for patch name
- Improved output jitter, jittery pots/faders, phantom data
- Improved tempo detection and lock on
- Fixed MIDI DIN SysEx output issue
- Arp Rhythm, Arp Pattern and Arp Octaves/Seq now light "value changed" arrows
- Added text for Arp Pattern modes
- Added new mode for Arp->MIDI ("Out"), MIDI->Arp ("In ") using Function+Arp Latch button
- Added ability to send MIDI CLOCK/START/STOP using Function+Arp On button

User Guides

Bass Station II Librarian User Guide
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User guide for Bass Station II librarian.

Bass Station II Safety Instructions
Bass Station II Patches Sheet


Bass Station II MusicTech Review